Masterclass: ‘Beauty and the Beast’: How emerging technology and Industry 5.0 will allow us to be more human.

Many famous Sci-Fi movies feature artificial intelligence (AI) or robots going mad and killing all the humans. But in reality, AI is the only way we, as humans, are going to be able to cope with an increasingly digitised world.

Some 90% of the current data that exists in the world was created in just the last two years. Big Data and AI go together and humans need AI to help us separate the signal from the noise. It’s up to us to create the “5th Industrial Revolution”; Industry 5.0 where humans are the reason why.

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Artificial intelligence is fundamental in an increasingly digitised world. Join me as a shine a light on the 5th industrial revolution.

Dr Catherine Ball, Associate Professor, School of Engineering Australian National University (ANU)

Video: 40 minutes 46 seconds

About the academic presenter

Dr Catherine Ball, Associate Professor, School of Engineering, Australian National University (ANU)

Dr Catherine Ball is an Associate Professor at The Australian National University (ANU) School of Engineering. Associate Professor Ball is a scientific futurist, tech influencer, author, champion of diversity and drone expert.

She works across global projects where emerging technologies meet humanitarian, education and environmental needs. Associate Professor Ball is a proponent of community engagement with STEM, and likes to demystify emerging tech. She continues to support Australia as being the world leader in the advancement of ethically driven technological applications.

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