Budi from Indonesia

Budi launched one of the fastest growing Indonesian logistics companies after he completed his studies in Australia.

A man, Budi Handoko, stands in a Shipper warehouse surrounded by carboard boxes> He is holding a tablet device and smiling.

After I completed a Master of Information and Computer Technology at the University of Wollongong, I returned home with a big vision to launch a business. 

In 2015, I launched Shipper – a logistics aggregator platform that has now become one of the fastest growing Indonesian companies. 

Where it all began

I first enrolled in the University of Woolongong’s 3+0 program and studied a Computer Science degree with INTI College in Malaysia. After that, I wanted to further my studies and so I decided to study a master’s in information and computer technology.

I chose to travel to Australia to study at the University of Wollongong because it is a well-known and popular education provider. I also knew that being in Australia would bring new experiences and add more depth to my learning.

During that period of study, I worked part-time in a bakery. I was able to practice a lot of my communication skills in this job and my English really improved.

I loved studying in Wollongong because it’s a quiet, peaceful place surrounded by nature. That meant that I was really able to focus on my studies.

What impacted me the most was the community that I became a part of and I felt really supported throughout my studies.

What I like about Australia

What I like most about Australian culture is how the people there don’t judge. This gave me the freedom to do what I wanted, and it gave me a lot of motivation to succeed. The other thing I found is that when Australians become friends with you, it's not because they want something from you. They just genuinely want to be your friend.

The education system in Australia is excellent. They naturally encourage people to become the best version of themselves - not what parents or society wants them to do. It’s for this reason that I would like to send my kids to high school in Australia.

Beginning my career

Once I completed my course, I decided to start my career in Australia. I got my first job in computer programming for a well-known real estate agent in Sydney.  

After two years in that role, I found another job as a lead developer for a web design company. I stayed in this role for five years before setting up my own business, OCash, in 2011.

OCash is a virtual currency system in Australia for game publishers to set up a payment system for gamers. The business was acquired by a Malaysian company in 2012 and I stayed to run the company for another three years.

However, I saw that ecommerce had boomed in China and India and I knew that Indonesia would be next. I wanted to contribute my skills to support the industry growth, and so, after 13 years in Australia, my family and I returned to Indonesia.

Starting Shipper

Normally, when ecommerce grows, payment systems and logistics grow as well.

In 2015, to get something shipped was a long and complicated process in Indonesia. I wanted to find a more efficient online model that would make shipping more accessible and affordable for online businesses.

After a lot of research and development, we created an online platform where they can compare prices for the transportation and storage of their stock. And In 2017, my business partner and I officially launched our business, Shipper, and transformed the whole logistics sector.

The platform is technology based which means we didn’t need to invest a lot of capital. We just need to share the revenue with our business partners.

What I’m most proud of

Before I started Shipper, I had a vision... I wanted to be able to create jobs for people. So, for me to be able to look at how Shipper has grown from five employees to around 700 in the head office and around 2,000 on the ground, it is quite surreal and rewarding.