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  • Abhinav - India - For many international students, the path to studying in Australia is full of twists and turns. That was certainly the case for Abhinav Bijavara Nagaraj, who is completing a Master of Marketing at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth.
  • Abhishek - India - After working in consulting in India, Abhishek moved to Australia to pursue his passion for sport.
  • Angella - Kenya - In 2020, Angella Ndaka was awarded Alumna of the Year by the Australian National University for her work empowering young women and girls.
  • Animesh - India - Prospective international student, Animesh Sahoo, hopes to study in Australia. He shares his thoughts on the application process and his dreams for the future.
  • Austin - Vietnam - Austin chose to study in Australia to access the employment opportunities available to international students and make a difference with his international perspective.
  • Drishya - India - When Drishya came to study in Australia in 2019, she wanted to do everything she could to maximize her experience.
  • Earth - Thailand - Since graduating in Australia with a Diploma of music in songwriting, Earth Patravee has gone on to become one of Thailand’s most popular music artists.
  • Ghian - Indonesia - Ghian grew up in Indonesia and came to Australia to study a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Politics at Monash University.
  • Hang Sheng - China - Have you wondered what it’s like to be a UTS international student unable to return to Sydney during the COVID-19 pandemic? This is Hang Sheng's student journey.
  • Harry - China - Harry came to Australia from China when he was 17 to finish his final two years of high school. In Year 12, Harry became Vice Captain for his school, and this ignited his passion for helping others.
  • Homestay - My Australia - After their children graduated school and moved out, Phillip and Chris welcomed international students into their home and their family.
  • Kausti - India - After he completed a Master of Business Analytics from Victoria University, Kausti secured a job a medtech startup called MUVi.
  • Laura - Colombia - Laura came to Australia from Colombia and is currently studying English and a Master of Business Administration at the Kaplan Business School.
  • Luisa - Indonesia - Originally from Jakarta, Luisa came to Australia to study a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Queensland.
  • Malhari - India - Malhari fell in love with Australia as soon as she arrived in Melbourne. She moved from India to study a Master in Data Science at Monash University and immersed herself into the local culture.
  • Mami - Japan - Mami’s life was changed by the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami. She decided to move to Australia to start a new chapter in her life.
  • Mingjun - China - ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE) alumna, Mingjun Sun, is currently working within the global market department of Nanyang Commercial Bank in China.
  • Nuvin - Sri Lanka - Nuvin Chamathka Perera will soon begin his studies at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) from the comforts of his home country.
  • Rahim - Pakistan - Rahim is passionate about helping people. Originally from Pakistan, Rahim is currently studying a Bachelor of Community Services at Stott’s College in Sydney.
  • Rahma - Tanzania - Make the most of your time, connect with different people and don't be afraid to ask questions – that’s the advice from Victoria University (VU) alumna Rahma Ragge.
  • Zu Jia - Malaysia - Zu Jia graduated with a Bachelor of Food Science and Technology from Monash University in 2020. After studying with Monash remotely from her home country, Zu Jia did the Monash student exchange program.

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