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Mithat Can Ömür - Turkey

I was looking for a country that will help me to look at life from many different angles. Australia is a completely different part of the world and offers limitless new experiences.

Mithat Can Omur - Turkey 

Course: Master’s Degree - Commerce
Institute: The University of Sydney
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

1) What are you studying and where?
Masters of Commerce, The University of Sydney.

2) Why did you choose Australia?
I always wanted to live abroad and after working for two years I decided to get a master’s degree in a foreign country. I was looking for a country that will help me to look at life from many different angles. Australia is a completely different part of the world and offers limitless new experiences - that’s why I have chosen Australia.

3) What were the biggest challenges when you first arrived?
Dealing with basic things like where to buy groceries, finding a flat! In Turkey, I never worried about these things. However, in a new country, all by yourself, you have to quickly figure things out. Luckily, the University and student associations are always there to help.

4) Do you get homesick and if so how do you deal with it?
In the beginning, I was excited to explore the country and culture. Soon, I realised that there is a difference between being a tourist and living in Australia. The moment you realise that you will not return anytime soon, the homesickness kicks in. You sometimes miss your family and culture. But then I made friends from different nationalities and transformed my life for the better. Australia is my second home now.

5) What is the best part of studying in Australia?
Dealing with so many different cultures opened the gate to a whole new understanding. In the beginning, I had five flatmates from five different nationalities. Funnily, Australia is close to every country we Turks would specify as “far”. That is a great opportunity to explore!

6) What surprised you the most about Australia?
That everybody lives in harmony. I wasn’t expecting to find such a multicultural and tolerant environment.

7) Do you work part-time while you are studying?
Not yet. I have spent my first semester traveling and exploring. In the second semester, I am thinking of working part-time. This will help me with my living costs.

8) How did you go about applying for your scholarship?
I was actually late in applying and missed many scholarship opportunities! But I took the chance and applied to the Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship. Every international student at the University of Sydney is eligible to apply. The statement of purpose is very important so I recommend you to focus on that.

9) Do you have a campus or a private accommodation?
I was living in private accommodation during the first semester. Having flatmates from all over the world with different backgrounds was a great experience. Next semester, I will move to on-campus accommodation.

10) Have you taken up any Australian Hobbies?
I definitely started using Australian-English words. Australian’s always say “No worries!” instead of “You’re welcome!” I started saying that too. Australia has a great sports culture: I started hiking – the Blue Mountains are my favourite. And the university has a great pool.

11) Have you explored / travelled much during your studies?
Australia is a large country and there are so many places to travel. I guess that’s why every city has its own airport. After my final exams, I went on a road trip along the east coast from Sydney to Sunshine Coast and finished my trip with a weeklong stay at Melbourne.

12) What’s your key message to Turkish students considering studying in Australia?
It is a frightening thought to live in a place that seems far from Turkey. But to experience more and see what you are capable of, you have to take the step and get out of your comfort zone.

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