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The exploration of Mars: Opportunities for all.


Video: 34min 43 sec

Australia is well-positioned to form the next generation of professionals dedicated to bringing this future into a reality.

Know what researchers are doing on Mars? Or how Australia is nurturing the next generation of space pioneers? Join me as I shine a light on interplanetary exploration…

The expertise in STEM and related areas offered by the university sector in Australia is extraordinary and is a first step for those looking to engage on a vibrant environment focused on innovation and business.



Academic Presenter: Professor Paulo de Souza
Head of the School of Information and Communication Technology
Griffith University



Professor Paulo de Souza’s research interests lie in the area of micro-sensing; he explores applications of his instruments across different fields of science and in industry, including mining, space, and ICT. He contributed to the design, production, deployment, and operation of a sensor used by NASA on board two rovers on Mars.

He serves as editorial board member of several interdisciplinary and ICT journals and is a reviewer of several research funding programs in Australia and abroad. He has extensive international hands-on experience in industrial research, consultancy, government agencies, and academia.

Paulo is an experienced postgraduate and early career researcher supervisor. He is co-author of several books and international patents, and of over 200 peer-review publications including several articles in the prestigious journals Science and Nature.

He is also co-author of a series of articles identified as the “Breakthrough of the Year” by Science Magazine and has received several international awards for his service to science particularly in the ICT sector.

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