Masterclass: Powering the future

Humankind has burned organic matter since the dawn of time. Carbon-based materials contain strong chemical bonds which can react with oxygen to produce water, carbon dioxide and energy.

This energy is used to cook our food, heat our houses, propel our vehicles and generate electricity. Two of these combustion by-products (water and energy) are not a problem, but the third – carbon dioxide, is causing our planet to warm.

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What if we could halt the environmental impacts of burning fossil fuels by generating energy from hydrogen instead? Join me as I shine a light on the future of energy.

Professor David Young, Dean of the College of Engineering, IT & Environment, Charles Darwin University.

Video: 27 minutes 28 seconds

About the academic presenter

Professor David Young, Dean of the College of Engineering, IT & Environment, Charles Darwin University

Professor David Young is a chemist with an interest in new materials, in particular for efficiently generating hydrogen. He has been awarded two national research medals by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

Professor Young obtained his PhD from the University of Queensland, before postdoctoral studies at the University College of North Wales and at Oxford University. He holds the honorary post of Visiting Scientist at the A*STAR Institute for Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore, as well as Visiting Professor at Soochow University, China and Adjunct Professor at Monash University in Australia. He is a Managing Editor of the Journal of Molecular and Engineering Materials.