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Dr. Bader Aboud Alqhtany

Senior Manager, Government Relations, Fakeeh University Hospital

Alumnus - Flinders University

Dr. Bader always aspired to make a difference in people's lives through his work in the public health system. Thanks to his Australian education, today he oversees the healthcare processes and policies at Fakeeh University Hospital in Dubai, UAE.  

Dr. Bader obtained his Masters’ and PhD in Healthcare Management from Flinders University South Australia. 

Learn more about Dr Bader’s career journey by watching the video and reading his story below.  

The Australian Edge 

When I was exploring the best option for my master's and PhD studies, I discovered that Australia has a diverse range of universities that are consistently ranked among the best in the world. It also has a reputation of having a world-class education system that places a strong emphasis on quality, research, and innovation. 

After much research, I applied for a scholarship at Flinders University and was accepted to study a master's and PhD in healthcare management.  

A Global Perspective 

Living in Australia exposed me to different cultures and ways of thinking which helped broaden my perspective and global outlook. This has made me more adaptable to the global job market while giving me access to various career opportunities, networks, specialised skills, and knowledge. 

Real-World Learning 

My PhD provided me practical experience through industry work placement. I was provided with several opportunities to engage with healthcare industry experts through online discussions, debates, workshops, and on-the-job experiences. 

After completing my degree, I was hired as a Research Associate at the University of Western Australia and further developed my knowledge and skills in healthcare management.  

In this role, I learned life skills such as conflict management and effective communication. These skills now help me manage people, major projects, and important stakeholders. I realised that learnings come from every type of job, so I look to take every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

When I returned to the Middle East, I joined Fakeeh University Hospital where I started my career in a senior leadership role. 

Accomplishing my goals 

I am grateful to have received a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to complete my Masters’ and PhD in Australia.  

Today, I implement what I learned during my studies not only as part of Fakeeh University Hospital's senior leadership team but also when working with important industry stakeholders like legislators, regulators and committee groups.  

My education in Australia has equipped me with valuable skills that have helped shape my career over the years. It also gave me access to job opportunities worldwide due to Australia’s global reputation for excellence within the healthcare industry. 

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