Know your rights

As an international student working in Australia, it can be hard to understand what your rights are as an employee in the Australian workforce. Regardless of your employment types (casual, part-time or full-time) all international students in Australia have the same protection rights as any other Australian in the workforce.


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Work rights explained

As an international student working in Australia, you have the same protections as any Australian in the workplace.

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Protection Laws

Australia has a strong system of laws and regulations in place which protect the rights of all workers - including international students.

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Are your work rights at risk?

Australia is a great place to study and work. But, sometimes you might notice something at work that feels wrong. It may be a sign that your work rights are at risk.

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Fair Work Ombudsman

The office of the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) is an independent Federal Government agency. It helps employers and employees, including international students, understand their rights and responsibilities under Australian workplace laws.

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Visa requirements

There are different visas that allow you to study in Australia. Find out which one applies to you.

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