Plan your arrival

After you've arrived in Australia, what next? Here are the things you'll need to think about, when you get off the plane.

Plan your arrival

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Arriving in Australia

From airport processes to university orientation - the following information will ensure your arrival in Australia is quick and easy.

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What can I bring in?

Australia has strict customs and biosecurity laws with tough penalties for travellers who fail to truthfully declare high risk biosecurity goods when they arrive in Australia.

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Australia has a range of banking options to help you manage, access and move your money. Learn more about the system and get the best solution for your needs.

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Phone and internet

Australia has many phone and internet services available, including fixed (landline) phones, mobile and internet.

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Transport options available in Australia include buses, trains, trams and ferries, while you can also drive yourself.

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1. Transport from the airport – Whether you are taking public transport, a taxi, or you are being picked up from the airport by your education provider, it is important that you have all the details including the time, the route and, if your travel has been arranged by your institution, their contact details. If you need a map to assist you in getting to your accommodation from the airport, they will be available at the airport. All Australian cities have many different transport options available for getting around.  

2. Phone and internet - Your mobile phone provider may not allow you to make calls or connect to internet once you arrive in Australia. Or it may allow global roaming which is very expensive. Getting an Australian SIM card when you arrive will provide you with the cheapest option. Purchase one at your destination airport, otherwise once you arrive at your destination. If you will be renting while you study, Australia has many phone and internet services available.

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