Australian teaching and learning 

Australian qualifications are designed to set you up for future success in your life and work. 

The ‘real-world’ teaching and learning style means that what you learn and how you learn will prepare you for working in your chosen career. 

Academic standards in Australia are consistently high. Our education providers' focus is on helping students develop professionally and personally. From thinking creatively and building 21st Century ‘soft skills’, to taking part in industry-linked courses or work experience, our qualifications will make sure you graduate job-ready.

New ways of thinking and learning

When you study with Australia, you’ll be encouraged to think and learn in new ways.

Employers worldwide are looking for innovative thinkers and skilled professionals. Australian education providers have tailored their teaching and learning styles to meet employer and industry needs. No matter what you study, you will be encouraged to be creative and look at issues from different angles.

Australian qualifications require more than just memorising text or formulas. Our courses will encourage you to think like an entrepreneur – to look for opportunities, adapt to change, and view mistakes as a chance to try something different or improve.

Your teachers will encourage you to build confidence in the classroom by asking questions, sharing your unique perspective, and working with others to try new and creative ways to solve problems. These experiences are a great way to make friends, improve your grades and build lifelong skills.

Soft skills employers value

Australian courses also help you build the ‘soft skills’ employers are looking for worldwide.

You will learn skills like teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving and how to communication.

Theoretical and technical know-how and soft skills will be necessary for your personal and professional development.

Industry-relevant courses

Australian education providers have strong connections with industry.  

  • Course content is designed to meet current and emerging industry needs.
  • Course content and teaching methods are updated regularly to make sure they remain industry-relevant and follow the world’s best practices.
  • Internships and work placements often form part of courses.  
  • Industry experts often feature as guest lecturers across a wide range of study areas.  All vocational education and training courses are taught by teachers who are industry experts. 

Work-integrated learning 

Many Australian courses include work-integrated learning.

Work-integrated learning (WIL) is where you learn in a work context and experience an actual work project or workplace. Work-integrated learning can include:

  • Professional placements in a workplace (also known as internships, clinical placements, fieldwork, practicums). These can be local, interstate, or international.
  • Industry-partnered projects online, in the classroom or at a workplace e.g. ‘hackathons’, business incubators and startups.
  • Simulated work environments with industry input, consultation or assessment, or other industry-related activities.

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