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Since 2021, the Study Australia Industry Experience Program (SAIEP) has supported thousands of international students to work on real-world industry projects.

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23 November 2022

A group of international students sit around a table with labtops laughing.

If you’re looking to land your dream job, there’s more to your employability than your degree and your grades. Industry experience can really help you stand out from other applicants and put you in direct contact with businesses. 

Why is industry experience important? 

Industry experience is all about practical knowledge and hands-on exposure to the workplace – the kind of stuff you can’t learn from a textbook! 

Industry experience gives you an inside look into what you can expect in a real-world business setting, as well as experience in interacting with clients, employers and experts in your field. It’s a really valuable asset for any student. 

I've developed my self-confidence, awareness of cultural diversity, management skills as a team member, and expanded my knowledge outside of my career and current studies. (Sayuri, Japan, University of Wollongong)

Industry experience also gives you a great opportunity to develop your communication, teamwork and leadership skills. 

I had an excellent opportunity to work with new peers on an actual project requirement. It enabled me to interact with the client and team members … discuss problems, outcomes, the importance of teamwork and time management. (Anusha, Sri Lanka, Federation University)

Gain industry experience through SAIEP  

The Study Australia Industry Experience Program (SAIEP) can help you to learn new skills, build your student and business networks and boost your employability. Plus, it’s free for international students to join! 

SAIEP is a two-week virtual program available to international students studying with an Australian institution in Australia, in their home country or online. 

The program connects students directly with Australian and global employers. Participants work in small, multi-disciplinary teams to work on real industry projects with these businesses. The teams comprise international and domestic students, working together and forming new social connections.  

What to expect

During the two-week program (approximately 25 hours in total), students complete an orientation, meet with their business client, submit a draft report, receive and integrate client feedback and submit a final report. 

SAIEP aims to help you develop the critical 21st century skills sought-after by employers across all sectors, including: problem solving, team work and collaboration, innovative thinking, leadership and creativity.  

Since being launched in July 2021, SAIEP has engaged nearly 3000 international and domestic students from 55 Australian education and training providers, working on authentic industry projects with over 200 Australian and international employers.

The type of organisations that have participated in SAIEP include: 

The benefits of SAIEP

SAIEP provides a great opportunity to develop your skills and network with potential employers.  

It’s also a great way to make friends! And because SAIEP involves students from so many different backgrounds, it’s a great opportunity to build on your cultural awareness and learn from a diverse range of perspectives. 

The program was an exceptional opportunity for university students like me to get exposure working with clients from different industries. Further, it was a special chance for us to network with students from other Australian universities. (Harmanjeet Kaur, India, Charles Sturt University)

SAIEP is an exciting opportunity to practice problem-solving in a real-world context. 

It is a chance for making new friends and gaining so many interesting cultural insights. To work on a project with real-life clients and organisations, having informative and lifelike conversations. An opportunity to explore and extend your potential and challenge your ideas and mindset. (Truc Binh, Vietnam, Offshore, Western Sydney University)

But perhaps one of the best things about participating in SAIEP is that you can put it on your resume as a key example of industry experience, including all the skills you have learned along the way. 

How to apply for SAIEP

If SAIEP sounds like the program for you, register your interest for this FREE industry experience program by emailing our program managers. Please include your name, degree details and institution name.