Sabrina from Bangladesh

Learn how scholarships, volunteering and a supportive community in Darwin are helping to shape Sabrina’s future in cyber security.

13 June 2024

A headshot of Sabrina from Bangladesh

Choosing Australia  

I chose to study in Australia because I was fortunate enough to receive two scholarships: the Destination Australia Scholarship and the Charles Darwin University (CDU) Global Merit Scholarship. I decided to pursue a Master of Information Technology (Cyber Security).  

Another reason for choosing Australia was its tropical weather, which is very similar to my home country, Bangladesh. 

Life in Darwin  

When I started at university, I met people from different parts of the world who are genuinely warm, welcoming, and kind. The CDU Casuarina campus is beautiful, and I enjoy taking walks around it to appreciate the view.  

The Nightcliff Jetty in Darwin is one of the most mesmerizing places to visit, especially during the evenings when I love watching the sunset. Another beautiful place is Cullen Bay, where I often arrange picnics with friends.  

International students enjoying the sunset on the Nighcliff rocks in Darwin

The Nightcliff jetty 

You cannot help but fall in love with Darwin because of its people and their culture. In the Northern Territory, feeling connected to those around you comes naturally, no matter where you are. 

Becoming Job Ready  

The CDU Careers Centre is a support service for CDU students. Students are provided with expert advice and resources to give them a competitive edge in the job market.  

I participated in their excellent programs and completed 50 hours of work experience with the student engagement team. I supported the International Student Support Officer by coming up with ideas to improve their Student Guide website, making life easier for international students. I also assisted with events and other interesting projects. 

This experience helped me understand Australian workplace culture and professional practices. I also made new connections and received an Australian Workplace Experience certificate upon finishing my placement. Doing this work experience was one of the best times of my life. 


Whenever I have some free time, I try to connect with people and network by attending and volunteering at different events. I find these events through my university, the Australian Computer Society (ACS), or the Australian Information Security Association (AISA). I have also volunteered at events and charities.  

This has made me feel so content to be able to give back after everything I have learned in Australia.  

Plans for the Future  

I will soon begin the last semester of my studies. The experience so far could not have been better! I have been driving myself to learn new skills every day, and the courses are helping tremendously to shape me as a cyber security graduate.  

My plan is to seize every opportunity I get and keep striving to reach my goals. I am aiming to find a job in the field of cyber security. I want to offer my best to an organisation by leveraging my technical skills, innovative thinking and commitment to ongoing education and collaboration.  

I will be starting an internship next semester as part of my coursework, and I am very excited! 

Take the Leap!  

I truly believe the Northern Territory is a place where you will find yourself. You will be amazed by your capacity for growth. Today, I find myself more comfortable in my own skin, knowing that I belong here with the people around me. I am more confident and compassionate as a person than I ever thought possible!

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