Neha from Nepal

MBA student Neha tells us about her study and work experience in Australia and shares some helpful tips on how to be job ready.

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4 April 2024

International student, Neha, smiling with trees in the background

I am Neha Sharma, an international student from Nepal. I am currently immersing myself in the world of business through my MBA studies at Australian Catholic University (ACU) while being a proud recipient of the ACU International Student Scholarship.  

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, so I've always been interested in the business world. I witnessed my parents' dedication and perseverance which ignited a fire within me to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration in my home country.  

After completing my undergraduate degree, I decided to further my studies in Australia. I knew it would help to deepen my understanding of business practices, improve my strategic and leadership skills and take my career to new heights.  

Professional experience 

When I arrived in Australia, I started to look for part-time work. I called an Education Consulting and Migration Services Agency and asked if there were any positions available and they told me to send in my resume for a customer service role.  

I showcased my diverse skills and experience on my resume which helped them to recognise my potential. Instead of the customer service role, they entrusted me with the responsibilities of a Marketing Officer. 
Eager to expand my horizons further, I started working in the Global Education Pathways department at ACU. I found this opportunity through Student Jobs on Campus which is a job program that most universities offer. The jobs advertised are casual roles at the university and they are available for students only.  

Working within the university has been a dream come true. I have been there for over 9 months now and it has allowed me to connect with people from different backgrounds and disciplines, far beyond what I imagined possible as a student.  

The work environment at ACU fosters a sense of comfort and inclusivity and provides me with invaluable networking opportunities. I love the dynamic nature of my role as Marketing Officer - the tasks are varied and keep me challenged.  
My employers have been incredibly accommodating and supportive, allowing me to balance my academic pursuits with professional responsibilities.   

How to be job ready 

Navigating the job market in Australia as an international student can be daunting.  

Becoming job-ready requires a proactive approach and a willingness to utilise available resources effectively. Here are some of the things that I have learnt on my journey:  

  • Actively engaging in networking events offers chances to create meaningful connections and expand your professional circle.  
  • Strong communication skills are important for success in any job. Therefore, participating in conversation clubs and think tanks to improve your English, enables you to effectively communicate ideas and connect with others.  
  • Leveraging university career services, such as counseling and job fairs, provides invaluable guidance in navigating the job market.  
  • Crafting tailored resumes and cover letters for each job application significantly improves chances of securing employment. 
  • Practicing your interview skills and preparing answers for any potential questions you may be asked is very helpful.  

It’s important to be open to starting small with an entry level position or roles slightly outside of your field of interest. These roles can serve as stepping stones and learning opportunities. The benefits include: 

  • You will develop transferable skills like digital literacy and problem-solving which will improve your employability across various industries. 
  • You will gain an understanding of the Australian work culture which will help you have a smooth transition into further professional environments.  
  • There may be opportunities to work your way up into another role once your potential has been realised.  

Looking for work?  

We have many helpful resources which will help you understand your work rights and find a job before and after graduation.