Luisa from Indonesia

Learn how Luisa's Australian education prepared her for a career in engineering.

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Studying with Australia kick-started my dream career, helping me land a role at a leading global engineering firm.

I studied a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Queensland, and after graduating with Honours I went on to complete my Phd in Chemical Engineering.

Today, I work as a Simulation Analyst at Aurecon, a global engineering firm.

Why I chose Australia

Hi I’m Luisa Prasetyo. I came to Australia from Jakarta to study engineering. After graduating I secured a great job as a simulation analyst, helping optimise mining operations and make them more efficient.

Having an Australian qualification gave me the knowledge, experience and confidence to start my career. The practical experience that I gained while studying gave me a big advantage.

Many of my lecturers and professors have vast industry experience. It’s really helpful when it comes to learning how to solve problems in real life. We have amazing mentors from industry, who help us make professional connections.

It was important for me to have a qualification that could take me anywhere, especially to be recognised by employers globally. There’s a big focus on preparing you for the world of work, it’s amazing.

There are just so many ways to get where you want to go with Australia. It was the best choice I’ve ever made.