Lisa from China

After achieving exceptional grades as an international year 12 student, Lisa continued her studies at university where she graduated with a Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imagery.

I chose to study university in Australia because of the supportive study environment, variety of subjects and exciting extracurricular activities on offer. 

I first came to Australia as an international year 12 student.  After achieving a near perfect ATAR* score of 99.85,  I went on to study a Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imagery at Monash University.  Now, I am working as a Radiographer at Monash Medical Centre. 

I really appreicated the internship opportunities and other placements that uni provided. With that experience both academic and clinical sides, I was able to find a position and a team that I love working with.  

Studying here is a great opportunity. 

Watch the video to hear Lisa's story.