Karan from India

Learn how Karan’s Australian education and qualification in Singapore enabled him to become a Wealth Manager in India.

Australian Master of Business student at University of Newcastle Singapore campus

Destination – Singapore!

I chose to study a Master of Business at the University of Newcastle’s Singapore campus because it allowed me to complete the program intensively by removing the extended study vacations. The university also has a good reputation and ranks in the top 10 Universities in Australia.

Singapore, as a study destination, appealed to me not only because it’s a fascinating city with great weather, but because I was considering starting a business there.

University life

The small campus in Singapore helped me mix with students from many courses and backgrounds.

I found the city’s student culture diverse and extensive. Such a melting pot of cultures always brings about a better understanding of global mindsets.

The faculty staff were also highly approachable and helpful and I felt very supported which is important when you are on your own in another country.

Looking back, I am very grateful that my course taught me the value of money while I was still young. That understanding of money is something I want to share with as many individuals and families, to help them achieve their life dreams.

Where I am today

Today, I manage the financial planning division at Sykes & Ray Equities - a company started by my father more than 30 years ago in Mumbai.

Over the years, the organisation has grown multi-fold and has added many business vertices. It has been challenging but it has helped me to fulfil my potential.

I am passionate about developing and growing the business. (My other passions are music, solving the Rubix cube and sailing!)


My Australian Alumni Association (AAA) membership has helped me make many professional connections and given me opportunities to guide them with financial advice.

It’s a great network that helps me build relationships in the Australia-India channel across various sectors. It also provides me with the potential to establish a business in Australia in the near future.

I’m thankful to the Australian Government for being highly active in helping me network and experience the local Australian culture offshore. I will never forget the Aboriginal dance show I attended during a festival that they hosted.