Earth from Thailand

How a passion for songwriting led Earth to study in Australia and become one of Thailand’s most popular music artists.

Since graduating from Australia’s JMC Academy with a Diploma of Music in Songwriting, I have become a successful popular music artist in Thailand.

My most recent music clip on YouTube has reached a massive 3.84 million views and I have built a fanbase of more than 423,000 followers on Facebook.

In March 2021, I was also selected as an ambassador for Spotify’s ‘Equal Project’, a project designed to foster equity for young women in audio.

Why Australia? 

Before coming to JMC Academy in 2016 at the age of 29, I had already released three singles and performed live in Thailand. It was a good experience until I found myself kind of stuck. 

I wanted to understand music better. My goal was to be a singer-songwriter, so writing my own song felt really important for me.  

My Australian education experience was seeded when I went to Melbourne for a holiday.

I felt like I could fit in there and later I found that JMC Academy had the perfect course for me, so I didn’t hesitate to apply to study there.

Some say that songwriting is hard to teach to other people, but I really believed that it is a form of art that can be learnt and practiced and JMC really confirmed my belief.

Melbourne Life

While I was in Melbourne I lived in a Flinders Street studio apartment, surrounded by a buzz of creativity.

In Melbourne, I had plenty of chances to go to concerts just by walking or by tram, I visited creative markets every weekend, and hung out by the public spaces like the State Library or parks. It just made me so happy.

JMC was also a very friendly place for me to work on my musical talent. I love that all the teachers are professional musicians who also work and live in the music field. 

Having a chance to see my teachers perform at their own gigs was an amazing experience. I was able to better understand their way of living as well.

Rising to fame

I started to become well known when I began singing cover songs on my YouTube account.

For me, fame in the music industry is in some way like a wave that will rise and fall. It will rise up whenever your song is being loved by the audience. I really like this about being a musician though -it means that all I have to do is keep coming up with songs that people love.

Follow your dream

If studying in Australia is your main goal, take steps everyday to get closer to that goal.

Or even better, if you know what your dream is, you can get there by being a better version of yourself everyday. For me, I wanted to be a better musician and so I practiced, I studied and I believed.