Alfie from the Philippines

Alfie studied a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Adelaide and is now working in a graduate registered nurse program.

24 January 2024

My studies and work experience  

I wanted to study in Australia because it is one of the top study destinations in the world. So, I chose a Bachelor of Nursing at The University of Adelaide.  

During my study, I spent some time working as an enrolled nurse at an aged care facility in South Australia. The clinical placements and the practical experiences of my course really helped me to be more confident in my nursing skills. You can learn about this experience in the video below.  

Working as a graduate registered nurse 

Since then, I completed my degree in December 2023, and I am now working in a graduate registered nurse program at Goulburn Valley Health (Hospital) in a regional area of Victoria – Shepperton.  

The graduate nurse program is a competitive opportunity offered to new graduates to consolidate their skills from their first year as a clinician. I am currently on my first clinical rotation in the operating theatre and will have further rotations in the surgical ward and the Critical Care Unit. 

Plans for the future 

My degree in Australia has led me to more opportunities to further my career and achieve my goals. After completing my graduate year nursing program, I aim to continue my education in Australia with a post graduate nursing degree to specialise in a chosen area of nursing. 

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