Study Abroad programs 

Study Abroad programs in Australia offer the opportunity to study at an Australian university for one or two semesters, while gaining academic credit towards your home university degree. Specific credit arrangements will vary according to your study program and progress and must be organised individually.  

Why do a Study Abroad semester?  

Study Abroad programs give you the opportunity to take courses or electives that you would not be able to take at home, such as on-country Australian Indigenous studies or subjects for your major at home viewed from a different Asia Pacific perspective. You can also use semester breaks to explore Australia and enjoy the cultural experience of living in a new country. 

How it works 

Study Abroad program tuition fees are paid directly to the Australian university for the study period (one semester or two) in Australia. However, many programs allow you to continue to receive any financial assistance you may already be entitled to via your home country university.  

Some Study Abroad programs are arranged under a formal agreement between your home university and a partner university in Australia. You can make independent arrangements by applying directly to your chosen Australian university. Please check the university's website for more information and ensure you have approval from your home university.  

Course credits 

With academic credit arrangements, you should be able to credit completed studies in Australia towards your home degree. Some courses completed on a Study Abroad program may not count towards your qualification back home. Be sure to research and get written approval from your home university before you start studying in Australia.  

Where to find Study Abroad programs  

Search for courses using our Course Search tool and enquire directly with the university of your choice. 

Exchange programs 

Australian universities have extensive partnership networks worldwide. Many partnership agreements allow for the ‘exchange’ of students, enabling Australian students to study elsewhere and international students to take a place at an Australian university.  

Why do an Exchange program? 

Like Study Abroad programs, Exchange programs also allow you to take a different range of courses, experience your home major through a different lens and meet new people from Australia and around the world. You can also use study breaks to explore Australia! 

How it works 

Exchange program students do not pay fees to the host university in Australia. Instead, tuition fees for exchange students continue to be paid under home country and home university arrangements throughout the time spent studying in Australia.  

Course credits 

With academic credit arrangements in place, you may be able to credit your studies in Australia towards your home degree. Just make sure you have formal approval from your university before you leave for Australia. 

Where to find exchange programs 

Ask your university about their Exchange agreements with Australian university partners.  


Study Abroad and Exchange programs may be eligibility requirements based on:  

  • academic achievements 
  • English language ability 
  • completion of pre-requisite studies, and 
  • length of study at your home university. 

You must also apply for a Student visa (subclass 500) to study in Australia.