Session 1 replay 

Connecting with Gen Alpha

Jacqueline Raposo from Hybrid is an award-winning Director of Marketing with 15+ years working in the media production industry across continents.

Session summary:
Generation Alpha students (born 2010 onwards) have been exposed to digital devices from day one. They’re now content consumers, curators and creators all at once. International Gen Alpha learners are building communities outside of traditional places, such as schools or national borders. They’re spending more time in digital worlds that they create and control, forming transformative bonds, from Singapore to Santiago, through digital interaction and connection.

This session looks ahead at what’s next for Gen Alpha: AI tools, in-game immersion, interactive placements, digital communities and the power that comes with being authentic.

You will gain valuable insights into this generation’s worldview, including an understanding of what ‘communities’ mean to our students, how to align with wider Gen Alpha narratives, and how to develop new strategies for engaging with evolving generational behaviours.

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