Why Australia?

Industry-relevant courses

Courses in Australia are designed in collaboration with industry. Your course will be designed to equip you with the right skills and experiences to transition into work more easily.

Globally recognised qualifications

Australian qualifications are recognised and accepted by international employers including IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Google and Samsung. Your qualification could be your key to a career with some of the world’s biggest tech companies. 

A place where innovation thrives

Australia is one of the most innovative countries in the world. It is an ideal place to trial and develop new digital products and services. You’ll be encouraged to think outside the box and take your ideas in tech to the next level.

Study options 

The information technology (IT) and computing field of study is one of the most popular. New courses are developed as technologies evolve, so you have a huge variety of up-to-date courses to choose from across both higher education and vocational education. 

Your studies could focus on programming and coding, storing and managing data, analysing systems, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) and more. You can specialise in topics as diverse as:  

  • computer communications and networking 
  • mobile computing (including app development) 
  • artificial intelligence (AI) or virtual reality  
  • computer games design 
  • business information systems/technology 
  • information management (e.g., in libraries and museums) 
  • health informatics 
  • data science 
  • internet security systems 
  • web development/services 
  • computer forensics 
  • CISCO certifications (network/systems management software) 
  • computer programming languages 
  • using specialist software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, computer aided design (CAD), animation software, SAP (business intelligence software), customer relationship management software (CRM)). 

With a qualification in this field, you could be part of the next wave of tech innovation. You could improve people’s lives and use technology to overcome some of the world’s greatest challenges. 

This could be a good study fit for you if you get excited about new technologies and the way they work, or if you enjoy using computers and technology to solve problems. 

Fast facts

Quality education

7 Australian universities are ranked in the world’s top 100 for Computer Science and Information Systems. (Source: QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024).

A growing industry

Between 2021 and 2026 the number of jobs for ICT security specialists, and database and systems administrators is likely to increase more than for any other profession.

A technology frontier

Australia was the incubator for Google Maps, Wi-Fi, the black box flight recorder and the cochlear implant.

Career options 

IT and computing is one of the most dynamic industries to work in, and can be financially rewarding. It is always growing and always changing. It is also part of most other global industries, from engineering to education, science to social services, architecture to agriculture, medicine to media and more. You could find work in almost any industry you choose, and your job could take you all over the world.  

Depending on the kind of work you prefer, you might: 

  • provide support services 
  • analyse and improve data systems 
  • develop new technology and software 
  • use advanced knowhow and tech skills to create things or solve problems.  

Some of the positions you might have after your studies include: 

  • computer support specialist 
  • systems analyst 
  • software tester/developer 
  • app developer 
  • programmer 
  • web developer 
  • tech sales consultant/manager 
  • cloud computing specialist 
  • user experience (UX) designer 
  • data scientist. 

With a career in IT and computing, you could be at the cutting edge of innovation, find work in different industries and locations, and create or use technology to change people’s lives for the better. 

Jobs in demand 

IT and computing jobs are on the rise across industries in Australia and across the world.  

In fact, in Australia, out of the top ten jobs that are expected to grow the most in the near future, two are in IT and computing. Between 2021 and 2026, job projections show that there will be: 

  • around 40% more (29,100) jobs for database administrators, systems administrators and ICT security specialists  
  • 27% more (42,200) jobs for software and applications programmers – including analyst programmers, developer programmers, software engineers and software testers. 

Other IT and computing jobs are also going to be in demand. There is expected to be:  

  • around 22% more (7,900) jobs for computer network professionals – including computer network and systems engineers, network administrators and network analysts
  • around 13% more (5,900) jobs for ICT business and systems analysts 
  • around 18% more (14,400) jobs for ICT managers – like chief information officers and ICT project managers 
  • around 44% more (4,800) jobs for ICT support and test engineers
  • With so many more job opportunities opening up, the future looks bright for graduates in this field. 

Find out more about jobs and salaries.  

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