What to do in an emergency

What you need to know about emergency services in Australia.

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Being prepared in an emergency

The assistance and emergency networks in Australia are widespread and well-equipped for emergencies. Knowing how to access these is important. 

Triple Zero (000) emergency number

Triple Zero (000) emergency number 

Wherever you are in Australia, if there's a life-threatening emergency, call 000 (zero zero zero). It's a free call, even from your mobile.   An operator will answer and will ask which of the following services you need: 

  • police 
  • fire, or 
  • ambulance (which is covered by your Overseas Student Health Cover).  

If you're not sure which one you need just tell the operator what you are calling about and they will help guide you.  

If you don't speak English, tell the operator your language and you will be connected to a translator who will be able to assist. 

Triple zero (000) should only be used if:  

  • someone has been seriously injured or is in urgent need of medical help 
  • your life or property is being threatened, or 
  • you have just witnessed a serious accident or crime. 

Non-life-threatening situation 

If you aren’t in immediate danger, but you have experienced a non-life-threatening crime, such as theft (robbery) from your home or car, call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444.   

If you need help when you’re on campus, most education providers have a security team that you can call. Their contact details should be in your enrolment information or on your education provider’s website.   

Severe injuries or illness  

If you or a friend has a severe injury or illness, you should go to the nearest hospital emergency department. 

Find out more about when to visit the emergency department on the Health Direct website.  

Other important numbers  

Below is a list of other important numbers that you should save into your phone.  

  • State Emergency Services (SES) (132 500) for emergency support during dangerous weather including floods, cyclones and storms.   
  • Poisons Line (13 11 26) for up-to-date poisons information related to bites and stings, plants and mushrooms, or medicine and drug use.  
  • Health Direct (1800 022 222) for 24/7 expert health information and advice.