Why Australia?

Practical, hands-on learning and work experience

Australian courses are more than just theory and formulas at a desk. Courses will help you develop your skills and knowledge, and help you learn from real-life business problems.

Learn the global language of business

English is the most widely used language in the business world. Whether you are a native English speaker or grew up speaking another language, your studies in Australia will help you communicate more fluently and more professionally.

Globally recognised qualifications

Business qualifications from Australia are widely recognised and accepted by major worldwide employers, such as KPMG, Deloitte, Google and Samsung. Your qualification could be your ticket to a global career.

Study options 

Explore how businesses and organisations work from the inside out and build the skills you need to succeed.  

You can choose a general business course for range of flexible career options, or specialise in one of the following:  

  • business administration 
  • accounting 
  • sales 
  • finance 
  • advertising 
  • marketing 
  • entrepreneurship 
  • international business 
  • business management 
  • human resources. 

Many universities also offer undergraduate degrees that will allow you to graduate with a double degree in two specialist areas.  

In business, management and entrepreneurship courses, you’ll have the opportunity to develop excellent skills in communication, teamwork and problem-solving – skills that employers are looking for.  

Fast facts

Quality education

23 Australian universities are ranked in the world’s top 500 for Business and Management Studies.

Industry demand

More than 30% of international students in Australia study management and commerce courses.

International business hub

Australia is one of the most business-friendly places in the world.

Career options 

Business, management and entrepreneurship studies can open up many career paths.  

Depending on what you choose to study, you could take on one or more of the following roles:  

  • entrepreneur or business owner 
  • accountant 
  • human resource adviser or manager 
  • general clerk (performing administrative duties) 
  • business development manager 
  • executive assistant or personal assistant 
  • recruitment consultant 
  • manager or managing director 
  • office manager 
  • contract administrator 
  • finance or insurance broker 
  • advertising, marketing or public relations manager 
  • importer, exporter or wholesaler 
  • sales or marketing manager 
  • economist 
  • market research analyst. 

Because business skills are needed to complement every other professional field, you could find work in any setting that interests you. You might even start your own small (or large) business, combining your business knowhow with any of your other interests – this is how many entrepreneurs get started. 

Jobs in demand 

Australia has a thriving economy, with business skills needed across every industry. Between 2021 and 2026, demand for business professionals is set to increase across most business areas.  

  • Employment in Financial and Insurance Services is likely to grow by 6.3% – an extra 33,200 jobs.  
  • General Clerk roles are likely to grow by 12.9% – from 275,700 to 311,400 jobs.  
  • General Manager roles are likely to grow by 9.6% – from 87,300 to 95,700 jobs.  
  • Human Resource Professional roles are likely to grow by 13.1% – from 78,900 to 89,100 jobs.  
  • Accountant roles are likely to grow by 9.2% – from 194,900 to 212,800 jobs. 
  • Advertising and Marketing Professional roles are likely to grow by 11.4% – from 80,200 to 89,300 jobs.  

Find out more about jobs and salaries. 

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