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The Study Australia website has everything you need to know about studying, living and working in Australia as an international student.

The Study Australia website

The Study Australia website is a trusted and official Australian Government source of information for prospective and current international students, and their families.

Our website contains practical and reliable information about: 

  • Why Australia is a top choice for study. 
  • All types of courses, levels of study and education providers.
  • What it’s like to live in Australia and the services and support that is available to you.
  • Planning your move - from visa applications and what to pack to settling into your new home.
  • Working in Australia - while you study and after you graduate.
  • All the latest travel and visa news.

Helpful tools and features

The Study Australia website also features: 

  • Student stories: Hear directly from current and former students about studying with Australia.
  • Our blog: Helpful tips and advice on studying, living and working in Australia.
  • Masterclass Library: Free classes by internationally renowned academics on global issues such as space exploration, climate, health and industry 5.0.
  • Course Search tool: Search the full range of Australia’s education providers, courses and scholarships.
  • Employability Hub: Featuring a free Career Matcher tool and a wide range of information on working in Australia.
  • Speaking English Practice Test: Helping you prepare for your English exams.

Trusted Australian Government information

The Study Australia website is managed by the Australian Government’s Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade). You can be confident that the information presented on these pages comes from certified, impartial and reliable sources.

The website includes information from across different Australian Government departments and agencies to bring you the most current information and advice. These include: 

Study Australia Partnership

The Study Australia Partnership (SAP) is a formal collaboration between Austrade and all state and territory study destination agencies. 

The SAP members work together to better understand student needs, improve access to student services and enhance the international student experience for all. 

Each SAP state and territory member also works to deliver a wide range of student services connected to local business and community groups in each study location across Australia, including in: 

Your opinion matters

Australia has over three million alumni located around the world and currently hosts more than half a million students from almost every nation, and at every level: ELICOS (English language), school, foundation studies and pathway programs, vocational education and training (VET), higher education (university level), and advanced research.

Every year, the Australian Government conducts research on the international student experience in Australia. More than 100,000 international students have already shared their opinions. 

These research findings are used to update and improve Study Australia student programs, online resources and information services. The SAP members also use survey results to continuously improve student experience programs in each study location and ensure that the international student experience in Australia continues to be among the world's best.

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If you are unable to find the information you need on our website, email us on enquiries@studyaustralia.gov.au.