Why Australia

Australia’s unique animals and many landscapes

Australia has a unique mix of native wildlife, diverse ecosystems and vast farmlands. It is an ideal place to get up close with many different animals and gain hands-on experience in different environments.

A safe, happy and rewarding experience

We care a lot about the safety and welfare of students in Australia. Whether you study in a major city or in a regional area, you will have access to dedicated student support staff. Many cities and towns also have international student centres.

Globally recognised qualifications

Australian qualifications have high educational standards and are often recognised by international organisations. Organisations across the world need veterinary medicine specialists and animal carers, so your studies can really take you places.

Career options 

Many people who study in a veterinary medicine course want to become a vet or vet nurse. But there is a much bigger list of interesting careers to consider too. For example:  

  • veterinarian/veterinary surgeon 
  • veterinary nurse (assisting veterinarians) 
  • animal attendant or trainer (train, feed, groom and care for animals) 
  • animal nutritionist 
  • animal psychologist/behaviouris 
  • pet / domestic animal carer 
  • research scientist 
  • ecologist 
  • ecotourism specialist 
  • wildlife conservation specialist 
  • zoologist. 

Specialists are needed across the world, anywhere where there are animals. That means your career could even include opportunities to travel.  

Your work will be important in improving the welfare of animals, whether they are in the wild, on farms or in people’s homes.  

Fast facts

Quality education

3 Australian universities are ranked in the world’s top 50 for Veterinary Science.

Industry demand

69% of Australian households have a pet, and the services of pet health and care professionals are in high demand.

Supporting Australian agriculture

Veterinarians play an important role ensuring the health and welfare of rural livestock, leading to increased productivity and profitability.

Jobs in demand 

As more people invest in pets, farms become more productive, and we find ways to protect our wildlife, vets and other animal care specialists play important roles. Just like people, animals also need healthcare and other care services. 

The demand for vet nurses and veterinarians is increasing. 

  • From 2021 to 2026, the number of veterinary nurses employed in Australia is expected to grow by 15.4% (from 15,400 to 17,800).  
  • The number of veterinarians is expected to grow by 19.7% (from 9,600 to 11,400). 

Animal attendants and trainers are also in demand. 

  • The number of animal attendants and trainers in Australia is expected to rise by 14.9% (from 20,700 to 23,800) by 2026. 

Because of this, many graduates find employment soon after graduating. In 2021, 84.4% of international graduates in Australia with a veterinary science degree were employed four months after graduating. For international graduates with a postgraduate qualification, 90.3% were employed after their studies. 

Find out more about jobs and salaries. 

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