Universities and training providers often offer students in Australia opportunities to participate in course related internships and work placements

Benefits to doing a work placement

Internships, practicums, or work placements may be available as part of your course. They can range from six weeks to six months, and can start at any time of the year. 

Put skills into practice

Put the skills and knowledge learnt through your coursework into real world practice.

Grow professional connections

Gain a competitive edge in your industry to help access to job opportunities, career advice, valuable information.

Gain practical skills

Increase your work readiness and assist your career.

Why choose an internships or work placement?

As well as course related learning, you will obtain valuable employability skills for getting a job.  These can include learning to:

  • be adaptable 
  • problem-solve 
  • communicate more confidently  
  • collaborate as a team player 
  • become a leader 
  • manage time well. 

Having real industry experience and connections before you graduate will enhance your resume and your employability.  

Employers in Australia and globally are looking for graduates who have these skills and experiences, along with formal qualifications. 

An internship or work placement can be a life-changing experience. You will gain valuable and relevant skills that extend far beyond what is learnt in the classroom.

What types of internships and work placements are available in Australia? 

There are many opportunities for you to gain professional industry skills within your field of study. 

Your education institution may organise internships or practicums to help you meet your course requirements. Internships facilitated by education institutions allow you to apply the skills and knowledge you gain in the classroom to a professional workplace.   

Australian businesses and/or multinational organisations based in Australia may offer internships directly to students or graduates.  Sometimes these businesses work with external organisations to engage interns, including international students and graduates.  

Smaller businesses also provide excellent opportunities to enhance your formal learning and build your employability skills. Australia has a rich and rapidly growing startup ecosystem. A range of initiatives, supported by education institutions, government, and industry, are available to build your entrepreneurship skills while studying in Australia These include opportunities to engage with startups across broad range of industries. 

How to find and access internships

  1. Contact the careers support service at your place of study. Ask if they offer any programs for getting into employment, work placements and internships. Plus, find out how to apply for these. 
  2. Reach out to external organisations, within your specialist industry, to see if they have internships and relevant programs available. You can visit their website or email them to see if they have suitable programs. 
  3. Visit the websites of specialist internship providers in Australia. Through these service providers, you can enquire and register for internships to complement your course of study.