The most popular courses and highest growth industries

Discover the most popular courses and skills in demand in Australia.

25 May 2022


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When it comes to choosing the course that’s right for you, one of the most important things to think about is the kind of career you want after graduation. So start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What type of work do I want to do in the future?
  • What are my professional interests and passions?
  • Which careers will see the most growth and demand in the years to come?

To make your decision easier, we have listed the most popular courses to study with Australia and their employment prospects.

Health care and social assistance

Health care and social assistance courses are incredibly popular in Australia – and for good reason!

Health care and social assistance is one of Australia’s largest employing industries. Employees in this field account for nearly 14 percent of the working population. Some of the most sought-after roles include registered nurses, aged care and disability support workers, and child care workers.

Australian institutions offer a wide range of health care and social assistance courses at all levels. For instance, you can get a Vocational Education and Training (VET) certificate or diploma in a discipline like public health or health administration. Alternatively, you can get an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in fields like nursing or health sciences.

STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics)

Do you want to transform the world around you through innovation?

If so, a degree and/or a career in STEM might be the perfect fit.

STEM courses are very popular in Australia. Whether you choose a VET or a university course, you’ll be spoiled for choice in this sector.

You can enrol in a certificate or diploma program in areas like electrotechnology, manufacturing or machining. Or you can choose an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in a field like life sciences, engineering or mathematics.

If you do pursue a STEM qualification , you’ll be entering a major growth field. In Australia, STEM jobs have been growing almost twice as fast as jobs in other sectors in recent years.

This rapid growth is expected to continue. It is predicted that from 2019 to 2024, STEM jobs will have grown by 11.6 percent, while other jobs are expected to have grown by 7.5 percent during the same period.


If you’re hoping to educate the next generation of students, then you’re in luck.

Australia is home to many world-class institutions that offer education degrees and certifications. You can even get some of these qualifications online. Some Australian education providers offer wholly online courses, including short courses, in education.

The education and training sector in Australia has also been a strong performer in recent years.

Around nine percent of Australian workers hold jobs in this industry. Out of these, 89 percent have qualifications.

What does this tell us? Education-related qualifications are common in Australia, and they’re also valuable for landing jobs in the field. The most high-demand jobs are primary school teachers, secondary school teachers and teacher’s aides.

Construction and trades

Students who are more interested in learning a trade area are fortunate too. Construction-related courses are some of the most favoured in Australia.

There is more practical vocational education and training in which you can get a certificate or diploma in areas like bricklaying, carpentry, painting and decorating, tiling, engineering and fabrication, electrical, plumbing and renewable energy

You can also pursue bachelor and master level degrees in construction at Australian universities and higher education providers. Some examples of disciplines include architectural science and construction management.

Approximately nine percent of all Australian workers are in the construction industry. Half of these professionals hold a Certificate III or higher VET qualification. The top employing occupations are carpenters and joiners, electricians and construction managers.

Time to start exploring courses!

Australian offers a wide range of study options across more than 1,100 institutions and 22,000 on-campus courses.

You can choose from many different locations across Australia, from cosmopolitan cities to unique natural environments.

Have fun deciding what to study.

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