On-Campus and Local Support

Student support services helping you adjust to life and study in Australia.

International student support 

Australia offers high-quality education to international students, and 24-hour student support. 

Education providers, at all levels, have committed student support staff to look after international students. Many cities and towns in Australia also have dedicated international student centres and 24-hour phone help lines for students studying with any local provider

A wide range of specialist services 

Australian education providers offer a wide range of student support services, including:

  • on-arrival welcome and orientation programs
  • academic and student support advisers
  • childcare services
  • employment and careers services
  • language and learning support
  • mental health, wellbeing, and counselling services
  • prayer and worship rooms
  • clubs, societies, and sport and fitness facilities
  • banking, shopping, and food outlets
  • student accommodation and housing services.

Check the website of your place of study for details. This will have details of all the activities and support on offer. These might include social activities that will help you make friends and settle into your campus community.

Australian state and territory student services

Each state and territory in Australia offers free support services for international students, such as:

  • support officers
  • careers advice
  • counselling
  • social groups, events, and activities
  • legal advice
  • helpful resources and information about local services.

Visit your local support services page via the links below:  

Student clubs and associations

Across Australia, student clubs and associations offer help and support to international students. They are usually run by your student peers and can be a great way to make new friends and build networks. 

National associations include:

Most education providers in Australia also have their own student associations. Visit the website at your place of study for more information.