About the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

The Australian Capital Territory is home to one of the nation’s most significant cities - Canberra.   

As Australia's capital, Canberra boasts some of the country’s preeminent educational and cultural institutions.

The ACT is known for being welcoming, inclusive and liveable. Its location offers a unique Australian experience, and provides easy access to national parks, Australia's biggest snowfields in winter and the pristine beaches of the New South Wales south coast in summer.

Map of ACT

Map of study locations in the Australian Capital Territory.

A snapshot of ACT

Launch your career

Whether it's a part-time job or full-time career, the ACT has employment covered with Australia’s highest employment rate and highest average income.

Room for everyone

Over 25% of the ACT's residents were born overseas, including 15,000 international students from over 100 countries.

Stunning landscapes

Over 60% of the ACT is open space and nature reserves. Being surrounded by nature, it’s easy to find space to explore, restore and recharge.

Diverse study options

The ACT is home to some of the country’s best ranked institutions, with several in Australia’s top 10 and the world’s top 100. These include: 

Canberra attracts the best and brightest minds through a culture of innovation and creativity.

The city values education deeply. More than half of Canberra’s population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher. Students can learn from leaders award-winning artists, researchers, business entrepreneurs, and Nobel Prize winners.

Key industries 

The ACT has a strong knowledge-based economy and is a hotbed for innovation and business growth. It also has Australia’s highest employment rate and highest average income.

Graduates enjoy strong job opportunities across a range of sectors, with a unique mix of prominent public and private organisations also offering internship and work experience opportunities for students.

The ACT’s key growth industries are hiring. These include: 

  • Renewable energy 
  • Innovation 
  • Space science 
  • Information technology and cyber security 
  • Agricultural technology and environmental sciences 
  • Defence 

Leading Sustainability 

The ACT is the place to be if you’re seeking a more sustainable way to live, work and study.

Known for its clear skies and clean air, over 60% of the ACT is dedicated to parks and protected nature reserves - perfect for hiking, camping, and getting up close to our native animals.

The ACT was the first mainland Australian jurisdiction to achieve 100% renewable energy supply and is on track to achieve zero net emissions by 2045. The Territory also has the highest number of electric vehicles and charge stations in Australia (per capita).

About Canberra 

Canberra is one of the most liveable cities in the world - There’s room for new students to find their community and make it their own. As a regional city, students with an eligible degree who have studied, lived and worked in Canberra may apply for an extension to their post-study work rights.

The city has more purpose-built student accommodation per capita than any other Australian city. Our major universities offer new undergraduate students guaranteed accommodation. It’s clean, safe, and close to everything you need.

It’s easy to get around Canberra and all students get discounts on the bus and light rail networks. The city is also built for cycling - with more than 400km of cycle paths it’s a cheap and healthy way to get around.

An aerial view of Canberra city at twilight

A snapshot of Canberra

Major education providers

Australian National University, University of Canberra and Canberra Institute of Technology.


Over 460,000

Guaranteed accommodation

Canberra’s major universities offer new undergraduate students guaranteed accommodation.

International students in a main street of Canberra, enjoying smoothies

Canberra often hosts world-class concerts, exhibitions, festivals, and sporting events. Australia’s capital is also home to a range of world class galleries and museums.

Whether you’re after stylish restaurants, gourmet cheap eats, a casual breakfast, or burgers by the lake, you’ll love Canberra’s ever-evolving foodie scene. Student deals and discounts are easy to find.

Whatever your interests, you’ll find your people and your place in Canberra.

International students at a Study Canberra event

Canberra information and support

Study Canberra provides a range of useful destination and settlement information for international students, helping them to have the best possible time while studying and living in the capital.

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