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A heartwarming experience

Course: Bachelor of Food Science and Technology, 2020
Institution: Monash University 
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Zu Jia graduated with a Bachelor of Food Science and Technology from Monash University in 2020. After studying with Monash remotely from her home country, Zu Jia did the Monash student exchange program.  

My semester abroad at Monash University Australia was truly the most amazing and life-changing experience I’ve ever had. Despite landing myself in an unfamiliar place and environment, the friendliness of Aussies made me feel welcome and at ease in no time. What I adored during my semester abroad is that there was never a boring day on campus! There was so much going on every day, from outdoor cinemas, live music sessions out in the garden to exciting game nights.

With so many activities to join on campus, I got to meet new people and make friends from different backgrounds. 

One of my fondest memories on campus was volunteering at Monash Wholefoods. No matter how reluctant I was to get up early in the morning, I still made it to my shift in the kitchen. Volunteering in the kitchen was a really heartwarming experience in many ways, from getting warm early morning greetings to having a cup of hot tea shoved into your hands before work started. 

Another activity that I would highly recommend is Non-Residential College. It’s a community for students staying off-campus and they have amazing activities and events all year long such as Beach Day, Fright Night and NRC Race. I can tell you, hand to my heart, that joining all their events were super fun and you’ll get to make plenty of awesome memories there! There are so many more events, clubs and opportunities to try out on campus so don’t be afraid of venturing out of your comfort zone. I’ve tried so many new things in Australia that I’ve never in my wildest dream thought I would have experienced, and I don’t regret any one of them! 




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