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Radka came to Australia to study Event Management in Sydney, where she stayed until the pandemic led to a change of scenery for her.

My name is Radka Darebna I am from the Czech Republic and I made the best decision of my life- to study in Australia. At first, I would like to mention that I am a very social person and I enjoy events and any kind of connection with people. That’s why I chosen to study Event Management in Sydney.

When I finished my certificate III and Diploma in events, I decided to follow my dreams and develop my skills in event management at Torrens University Sydney. I am currently studying a Bachelor Degree online back home in Prague.

When all the Covid19 pandemic started I was shocked and scared, I was all by myself in a foreign country and I had many questions in my mind. What’s going to happened with my classes? What about my job? How are we all going to handle this?

All these questions were answered shortly after. My classes at university went online, which meant no physical contact with my fellow classmates and teachers. I felt a bit sad and lonely for a few days but then I started to see the positive side of the situation.

Eventually I loved spending more time at home, this gave me more time to be with myself and call to my friends on Facetime. I had far more time to read interesting books and do my assessments.

I used to work in a fashion store in a Bondi Junction. After the pandemic started, I was suddenly laid off from my shifts. It was understandable but frustrating.

At the end of the day there was one thing I started to miss the most, my family and hometown. I made the decision to return to Czech Republic and continue my studies online from home. Maybe one day when all this situation is under control I would love to come back to Australia.

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