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Culture and tax: Kathleen's story

Kathleen Di Paolo has been living an international life since birth. Born in Mexico to a Mexican mother and an Italian father, Kathleen grew up in Switzerland and, while there, graduated from a Bachelor of International Relations. She then moved to the tropical Gold Coast in Queensland to complete a Juris Doctor Degree and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at Bond University.

Kathleen_Insider_Guides-1-750x750 "I loved my time as an international student on the Gold Coast. What I loved the most was being able to balance the busy student life, uni assignments and exams, with spending lots of time on the sunny beaches and in the green hinterland."

Being an Ambassador

During her time studying in Queensland, Kathleen was chosen as a Student Ambassador for Study Gold Coast – an opportunity that she used to help promote the Gold Coast as the perfect study location, as well as build a diverse network of new friends and professionals.

Within that role I was able to showcase to the world … the life as an international student on the Gold Coast. I was able to make connections with other international students who I’m still friends with today and who shaped my future journey. I was also able to network with inspiring entrepreneurs, start-up and business owners who shaped my vision and thinking around what I wanted to do after my university degree.

Starting a business

Understanding the workplace

During her time at Bond University, Kathleen discovered her unique passion for tax. Through the opportunities offered to her as a Student Ambassador, Kathleen began to develop the idea of starting her own business, inspired by her interests. She’s now launched Wanderers Wealth.

"Wanderers Wealth is an International Tax Consulting firm for wanderers from all over the world. I help digital nomads, remote workers, freelancers, travelpreneurs and location-independent business owners figure out their international tax and corporate issues. My clients are located all around the world and usually live a pretty nomadic lifestyle, which is what makes it harder for them to pick and choose a country where they pay taxes in and set up their businesses in. I guide them along the way and give them different options."

Advice for fellow entrepreneurs

Kathleen has learned advice for fellow international students keen to start their own business.

Don't start a business because you want to make money and be rich. Instead, start your own business if you've found something you're really passionate about and don’t mind doing every single day. There will be days when you won’t see instant results. In order to push through those days, it will be important to have your passion motivating and driving you regardless of the immediate or monetary results. If you are passionate about a product or a service that you can offer someone, then go for gold regardless of what others might say. Give it a shot!

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