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Study Australia is the Australian Government's official resource for international students.

The Study Australia website has been around in various forms since 2000. But our mandate has not changed, we are the trusted source of information for prospective international students, their families and agents to learn more about Australia as a place to study.

We take this role seriously and we do it in partnership with a range of other government agencies and information providers who share our goal.

Our website contains carefully curated, practical and reliable information to help students make informed decisions about where they'd like to study in Australia, which course and institution best suits their needs, and what the experience can be like when they live and study here.

It also sets out to reassure prospective students about the laws, legislations and specialist services in place in Australia, which ensure every individual feels safe, welcomed, supported and protected for the entire time they're in Australia.

You can rely on the Australian Government - through this website and via our offices in every state in Australia - to help you understand your rights and responsibilities on issues as diverse as visas, employment, and tuition fees - and to look after you every step of your journey.

Study Australia Partnership

All Australian state and territory study destinations work in partnership with Austrade and other Australian government agencies to deliver information and services to international students. This marketing alliance is called the Study Australia Partnership. We are working together to improve coordination of key information for students and agents.

The Study Australia website is just one way we are collaborating. Study Australia partners deliver important services, localised to the needs of their student communities and integrated with other business and community services. Visit each of our partners via the links below.

State and Territory agencies and Study Australia partners
Australian Government Departments and Agencies

You can also find us on Facebook at https://facebook.com/studyAUofficial/

Over many decades, Australia has hosted hundreds of thousands of international students from almost every nation, and at every level: in schools, in vocational education and training, at undergraduate and postgraduate level at universities, and in advanced research.

Every year, the government conducts extensive research to discover exactly what international students want from their Australian study experience. More than 100,000 international students have already shared their opinions. These research findings are used to update and improve every aspect of what we offer, so that the quality of the experience continues to be among the very best in the world.

This site is managed by Austrade - the Australian Trade and Investment Commission - and contains links to other official Federal and State Government departments and authorities. You can be confident that the information presented on these pages comes from certified, impartial and reliable sources.

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