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Managing Tourism for Sustainability


Video: 24min 21 sec

Australia is recognised as a world leader in tourism research, especially in sustainable tourism. In this masterclass, Associate Professor Anne Hardy explores managing tourism for sustainable outcomes and discusses what we mean by ‘sustainable tourism’. Is it simply a fashionable phrase or something that can actually be achieved? How can research help?

Sustainable tourism is the only way to protect the places we love most. Australia is at the forefront of sustainable tourism research and technology. Join me as I shine a light on the future of tourism…

What innovations have come out of Australia that are helping the tourism industry around the world act in a more sustainable and responsible manner? In addition to exploring these questions and more, join Professor Hardy as she discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has given us time to pause, reflect and consider the future of tourism management in support of sustainable tourism.




Academic presenter:

Dr Anne Hardy, Associate Professor Cultural and Heritage Tourism, Tourism and Sociology, School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania

Associate Professor Anne Hardy grew up in one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world: Tasmania. Now, her research career is devoted to exploring the tourism industry. Associate Professor Hardy’s research focuses on three key areas: the neo tribal behaviour of tourists; sustainable tourism; and tracking tourism movements. Associate Professor Hardy is also the lead investigator on the Tourism Tracer project that has earned numerous awards.

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