Avoiding problems with education agents

Information for international students on how to avoid problems with international students and what to do if they have a problem.

There are some unscrupulous education agents who don’t do the right thing.

To limit your risk of running into a problem:

  • Use an education agent supported by the education institution you wish to study at. You can find a list of supported agents on most institutions’ websites
  • Before signing a contract, entering into an agreement or paying any money make sure you understand any fees and charges. Insist on a receipt for any payment you make
  • Ask your agent questions about your course and institution. Your agent must be able to tell you about your potential studies
  • Ask your agent about their business, their website address, whether they have connections with other providers, how to contact them and whether they have connections or ties with other organisations operating in your country or in Australia.

What to do if you have a problem:

If you have information about unlawful activity report it to the police.

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by your education agent you can complain. You can also complain about your education agent if you think you’ve been treated unfairly.

If you decide to complain:

If your agent’s behaviour does not seem right and:

  • you know the Australian education provider you intend to enrol with, or are enrolled with, then contact the Australian education provider first.


  • you cannot identify an Australian education provider, further information can be found here (PDF 66.4KB).


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