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  • Dr Kwan Leung Chia - Dr Kwan Leung Chia has a passion for integrating Eastern and Western medicine.
  • Dr Mrs Buddhima Subasinghe - As a young child Dr. Mrs. Buddhima Subasinghe discovered education was her superpower, now she is passionate about inspiring others.
  • Dr Reema Joshi - Dr Reema Joshi used to ‘go with the flow’, but studying in Australia soon supercharged her public health career. Today, Reema leads a team of healthcare professionals using innovative digital platforms to help communities in need in her native India.
  • Ravin Mirchandani - Ravin Mirchandani has extensive commercial and corporate experience across a range of sectors around the world, including energy and gas, telecommunications and traffic enforcement. It all started with an MBA in Australia.

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